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Garage Door Maintenance Fort Collins, Colorado

Garage door maintenance is a crucial part of home upkeep, and it’s not just about the curb appearance it gives the home. Garage doors need to be safe at all times for every household member who enters and exits your property. 


Garage doors are composed of many different moving parts – there’s bound to have issues over time. Some common problems include:

This may be due to several reasons. For instance, the photo-eye sensors are faulty, and it is no longer verifying accurately if the coast is clear. But the photo-eyes only affect the closing motion, so if you are unable to open the garage door, other issues could be at play. One other explanation could be that the motor is damaged. At this point, the technician will either repair or replace the motor.

Something as simple as battery replacement could fix this issue. But if you’re sure that the batteries are not the problem, your keypad may need reprogramming. Check the manual, or have an expert assist in the reset of the motor code. 

 If the motor is struggling with the weight of the garage door itself, it could affect how the garage door opener is able to move the unit up and down. Make sure that the motor is in good condition and that it is a model that can support the load of your existing garage door.

This issue could also relate to a sensor problem, especially if the door opens and closes back quickly with lights flashing. Have the sensors checked to make sure they are not misaligned, or something is blocking the line of sight.

The torsion spring connects to cables and hinges. These hardware wear out over time and affect the spring and the garage door as a whole. Check if there’s any uneven appearance; if the cables attached to the springs are hanging loosely; if the top section of the door is misaligned, or if the door crashes when closing. These could all relate to the torsion spring and cables needing replacement. Broken springs require special tools and experience when being adjusted or replaced.

 There may be a couple of reasons why your garage doors produce screeching, loud noises. Friction from the chain drive, lack of lubrication to connective parts, and spring issues are a few reasons

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When to Hire Garage Door Maintenance

With the amount of usage commercial garage doors get on a daily basis, you know that a garage door service team is important. A malfunctioning garage door can impact the performance and productivity of a business. So business owners have to ensure that any problems in a garage door are dealt with right away. Even if you, or your staff, have prior experience doing repairs, it’s much better to contact an expert garage door service to address both minor and major repairs on your commercial garage door

If something gets stuck, if the overhead doors fall out of alignment, or any other problem that could hamper your business, you have to contact a professional team ready to troubleshoot immediately and get you back on track.

Commercial garage doors are high-powered systems that have to consistently function. If the parts need to be tuned up, replaced, or completely overhauled, only experienced technicians can solve the issue the right way. No further damage, and no delays on your business operations.

Want extra security features that can link to your smart devices? Or a faster-moving garage door to move things more speedily? Garage doors can now be customized to make security that much more robust. If you are interested in smart features, improved locking systems, and other updates, our array of custom garage doors can make all the difference for your business.

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Homeowners can perform simple maintenance checks to keep the garage door clean and good working condition. Something as simple as making sure there is no stuck debris on the hinge parts of the doors can make a difference in how it moves. Make sure to check that the rollers stay clean and free of dirt or rocks. And, of course, proper lubrication of all moving parts of the garage door can help keep the cycles smooth and prevent too much friction.


If you’re not sure how to fix any of these problems, it’s best to call in a professional. The best way to avoid serious garage door problems is to have regular inspections done, so it’s a good idea to hire someone like Fort Collins Garage Door Repair Co. every few months or so for a tune-up

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