New Residential Garage Door Boost home Values

Nowadays, technological advancements are making home systems more and more popular. There are several systems available. Garage door systems are one of them. These systems are often known as security enhancers that mainly focus on improving the security of your residential and commercial properties. 


Homeowners in Fort Collins mainly use two types of garage doors for their properties, i.e., Residential and Commercial garage doors, which comprise numerous components. Unfortunately, it needs immediate repair or replacement when it fails to operate. To know more about garage door security, read this blog, as it highlights several residential garage door repair maintenance tips. 

What do you mean by smart security system? ​

Let’s understand the concept of a smart residential garage door. Suppose you have a garage door mounted on the entrance of your home. In that case, you can consult a reputed garage door repair company like Fort Collins Garage Door to upgrade to a smart garage door system via a smart garage door controller. This electronic device is powered by the mechanical & electric systems of the garage door, allowing users to control opening and closing with the help of a smartphone app. 

In some cases, residential garage doors experience malfunctioning, so do avail of the residential garage door repair services and keep your garage door truly functional. 

Reasons to Install a New Residential Garage Door for Increasing Home Values​

A new residential garage door installation can increase your home’s security in several ways- It enhances your home’s curb appeal and generates a positive impression on your guests. A dashing and modern garage door can swiftly transform the look of your home & make it stand out from the neighborhood. Also, a new garage door can improve your home’s energy efficiency with great insulation, which may lead to lower energy bills and higher resale value. Most importantly, durable and secure garage doors provide real peace of mind to homeowners. 

A New Garage Door Requires Less Work ​

As a homeowner, you want your home improvement projects to add value and bring joy and feedback, not stress. But repair and maintenance can feel like a never-ending task for old-school garage doors.


Everything from worrying about rot and vermin to regularly repainting or staining can be stressful. There is, however, a remedy! Thanks to modern materials and technology, you can now have the beauty and elegance of a wooden garage door without the frequent upkeep. Upgrade your home with a low-maintenance garage door that will simplify your life and make it seem beautiful. 

Get more curb appeal. ​

A genuine residential garage door repair service is vital for enhancing your home security. It resolves your garage door problem and makes your home more curb appeal. A recent study revealed that well-maintained and operational garage doors improve residential property value by up to 7%. 

Get more curb appeal.

Homeowners are increasingly concerned about garage security. Fortunately, newer garage doors employ cutting-edge technology to thwart break-ins and protect homeowners from possible criminals. Improved locks, rotating security codes, and stronger materials make it more difficult for undesirable people to get access. 


However, safety is also a major consideration. Older doors lack the advanced safety features featured in modern ones, and worn-out parts may break or fail, resulting in damage or harm. Upgraded garage doors incorporate dependable safety technologies such as photo eye sensors, automatic reverse mechanisms, and real-time notifications to ensure that homeowners and their properties are always safeguarded.

Best ways to improve your garage door security

If you want satisfactory garage door repair in Milliken, then it’s vital to keep the best options in mind. Here are some of the best ways to improve your garage door security: 


  • Keep your garage door in plain sight

  • Install motion-activated lights right ahead of your garage door

  • Lubricate your garage door parts carefully

Final Thoughts!

At Fort Collins Garage Door Repair Co, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for exceptional customer service. Our professional technicians specialize in garage door installation services in Milliken, ensuring that every project is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. We have investigated numerous ways to improve your home security in the abovementioned blog. 


So why then wait? Call us at (970) 658-9069.

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