Replace garage door spring like a pro

Damaged or broken garage doors can cause inconvenience that you wish to solve ASAP. The springs in garage doors come with a dedicated lifespan and need replacement once they lose effectiveness.

While it’s best to call a professional for garage door spring replacement, you can try DIY if you are careful and skilled enough.

So, if you are wondering how to replace a garage door spring like a pro and get a fully functional, easy-to-open/close door, then here is the guide to follow!

Tips on How to Replace Garage Door Spring - The Ultimate Guide

Normally, garage door springs have two types – torsion and extension. Determine the type of spring in your garage door and start with the replacement job.

Here is the step-by-step guide to help you with garage door spring replacement.

1. Find and Buy a New Replacement Spring

As said earlier, you need to determine the spring type to get the exact replacement product from the market. You can get it from any hardware store, search for a vendor in the local market, or buy the spring online, if possible.

2. Disconnect Existing Torsion/Extension Spring

Repairing and replacing torsion springs is more difficult as compared to extension ones. You can start by disconnecting the existing spring piece by keeping the door stable in a fully-lowered position.

You might have to take help from someone to hold the door in an upright position to remove torque or tension, if any.

3. Check for Worn Cables or Rusted Pulley

Once you have disconnected the spring, check for worn cables, rusted pulleys, or any other damaged system parts to complete the job.

If any other part needs to be replaced or repaired, do it now, or else you might have to start the entire procedure again and again.

4. Gather Tools & Replace the Springs

For spring replacement, you might require some special tools such as a wrench, ladder, clamps, and many others. So, gather everything that is required for garage door repair beforehand to operate the process smoothly.

5. Do the Final Testing

Final testing of the door is required to confirm if the project is completed professionally. You should lift and lower the door multiple times to check for:

  1.  Loud sounds.
  2.  Cracking sounds.
  3.  Door opens/closes fastly.
  4.  Door won’t open or close.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! That’s the complete guide to repairing your garage door like a pro. Now that you understand the process, get your door spring replaced in no time.


DIYing garage door repair is quite a challenge and should be done only under professional supervision. Even if you have experience with similar home improvement projects, you should take assistance to eliminate possible hazards.