Top 10 benefits of installing New Garage Doors

installing new garage doors

Are you planning to install new garage doors? Here are some of the most significant benefits it can bring you.

Are you planning to upgrade your home this new year? Well, it might be time to invest in new garage doors. You may not realize it much, but garage doors make up almost half of your home’s exterior. That means it’s a highly visible part of your home that could boost curb appeal if upgraded. 


And aside from aesthetics, there’s also the improvement with features and functionality. Are some parts worn out? Do you notice water or draft coming in? There might be paint that’s starting to chip off. What about the hardware? 


Yes, it’s understandable that new garage doors will be an investment. But garage doors are used practically every day. So even if you have regular garage door repairs, you’ll still need to install a new one eventually.


Lets dig into what are some of the Significant Benefits it can bring you:

Increase Home's Value

New garage doors give new life to your home’s exterior, and at the same time give you a huge return on investment. In fact, they bring as much as a 97.5% increase in property value. New garage doors give that big of an impact for your home! If you ever plan to sell your house in the future, investing in new, high-quality garage doors can significantly raise your home’s market value.

Improve Your Safety

Garage doors offer both visual impact and security for your property. Modern doors are now crafted with a range of safety features. This is crucial if you have a garage that’s attached to your house. From the photo eye sensors, rolling code system that prevents others from accessing your combination, control pads, and phone or tablet connectivity – these are all to ensure that you and your family are protected from any accidents or intrusion.

Improve Appearance

Investing in new garage doors can help maintain a beautiful home – and since we’re spending more time at home, why not focus on that! If your garage doors look like they’ve been through a lot already, then new garage doors can improve how your exterior looks. Again, garage doors play a big role in your entire curb appeal. It can be off-putting for your property when they look too beat up.

Make Maintenance Easier

New garage doors come with a warranty for parts and service that guarantees against any factory defect in materials and installation errors. Aside from these, more recent models of garage doors are designed to withstand the elements better than older materials. Composite materials are sturdier against the elements, and there are protective coatings for metal doors. If before you needed to repaint your doors frequently, now you can free yourself of that chore.

Help lower the Power Bills

Right now we’re encouraged more than ever to find ways to curb our power consumption. And one simple solution is to install new garage doors. Today’s doors are engineered to have better insulation and make temperature regulation better, whether you want a cooler garage in the summer or a warmer area in the winter. Replacing older doors can help you save more on energy bills. Plus, you get to pat yourself on the back for helping the environment!

Safeguard your Belongings

Installing new garage doors can not only keep out draft air, but also regulate hotter temps, and prevent dirt or water from seeping into your garage. You’re essentially protecting your valuables kept in the garage. 

Having new garage doors could also potentially help you save on insurance! Because the new system adds security features, this can play a role in getting reduced payments on your property insurance.

Creates less Noise

Nothing is more irritating than noisy garage doors. It’s usually a hallmark of a door that’s too worn out and has far too many years in operation. If you opt to get new garage doors now, garage door openers now eliminate screeching noises. Belt drive openers come with a rubber belt or a nylon belt for that quiet garage door experience – very important, especially if you move about the garage daily.

Customization Options

There’s a whole world of options for custom garage door features. If, for instance, you want double garage doors now, you can have that to house several cars. You could also change the look of the doors – opt for new textures, architectural style, and add windows. Decorative hardware can give a new look and character to your doors.

Better Performance

A noisy, clunky, hard-to-control garage door can be a huge inconvenience! We operate our doors several times a day, so it makes sense to improve its functionality. New garage doors will be better in functional performance than an older model that receives proper maintenance and tuning up occasionally. New units run quieter, have more features, and are better for user experience in general.

Better Garage Access and Use

The garage space is versatile – it can serve as the workplace for craftsmen, storage, office, an extension of entertaining area, and more. When there’s better insulation, heightened security features, and perfectly functional and stylish doors, you will feel very comfortable staying in the garage area. New garage doors create a more usable space for your entire family.

Installing New Garage Doors? Let Us Help

Installing new garage doors is a significant investment – you need to be sure that the price of installation meets your needs.